Joseph Wheelwright

Joseph Wheelwright, 2011-13 Granite, 6’ x 4’ x 4’ each

Loving Stones comprise two recently carved granite boulders that have been transformed into human heads gazing fondly at one another, smiling shyly with glistening eyes. They are made in the style of his many carvings of natural boulders, including the well-known Listening Stone at the DeCordova Museum. Wheelwright also works figuratively with trees.

Double Take: Gillian Christy & Joseph Wheelwright

Sat May 18th 11am. Meet at the entrance to The Mary Baker Eddy Library, 200 Mass Ave and walk around the sculptures that are installed on the plaza and end at the bookstore, where the participants can purchase the catalog. The tour is free and open to the public.

Joseph Wheelwright has carved two 3-ton granite boulders into a pair of stone heads which gaze lovingly into each other's eyes. Their title is simply "Loving Stones." During his talk Wheelwright will provide a guided tour of the exhibition CONVERGENCE and explain the process of collecting and carving stones on this scale. His best known local stone head is the "Listening Stone" in the permanent collection of the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park in Lincoln, MA. 

"The Space Within" by Gillian Christy consists of a pair of sculptures in which New England clapboards define the house shape.  The details within either piece are sculpted organic buds or leaves.  Christy will discuss her interest in expressing connectivity through form and share her informed impressions of the sculptures on view.

Heather Price, intern of the Christian Science Plaza, Boston, talks about the sculpture "Loving Stones" by Joseph Wheelwright, in this video. Loving Stones is one piece of a collection of art in the exhibit, Convergence, in Boston, Massachusetts. 

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