Rosalyn Driscoll

Rosalyn Driscoll, Nave. 2013 Polymer-gypsum, aluminum, rawhide, copper, wood, 8’ x 5’ x 11’

Project manager: Christopher Lenaerts

From the outside, the two minimal structures of Nave resemble the architecture of the Plaza. Entering the space between them, however, one finds rich textures, colors and materials—like entering the Christian Science Church. Driscoll’s work explores the tensions between outside and inside and animate and inanimate.

This monumental yet human-scale sculpture consists of two simple black stelae facing and reflecting each other. On the outside they resemble the architecture of the plaza—massive and minimal.

Passing from the vast spaces of the plaza into the passageway between the two structures, one experiences a striking sensory shift. The structures are hollow and the contents are intricate, sensuous and layered: silvery aluminum cutout screens, and filling the space behind the screens, rawhide skins. One skin writhes and the other glows. Changing light creates different temperatures and visual effects as it crosses the aluminum, copper and rawhide.

The outside-inside nature of the sculpture mirrors the contrast between the urban landscape of the Plaza and the richly decorated interior of the Church of Christ, Scientist, and reflects our ability to enter our inner lives.

The Meaning of Materials

Saturday July 13th 11amMeet at the entrance to The Mary Baker Eddy Library, 200 Mass Ave and walk around the sculptures that are installed on the plaza and end at the bookstore, where the participants can purchase the catalog. The tour is free and open to the public.

Nancy Winship Milliken and Rosalyn Driscoll both work with natural materials--Nancy with wool and Rosalyn with rawhide. They will explore the meanings of the materials used in the sculptures of the exhibit, Convergence, as well as in the plaza itself. This talk will take place during the Outside the Box Festival in Boston,
Update: Frank Smith, employee of Christian Science Plaza, Boston, talks the sculpture "Nave" by Rosalyn Driscoll, in this video. Nave is one piece of a collection of art in the exhibit, Convergence, in Boston, Massachusetts. This exhibit is cosponsored by the Boston Sculptors Gallery and The First Church of Christ, Scientist. You can see the exhibit from May 1-October 31, 2013, at 210 Massachusetts Avenue in Boston's Back Bay.

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