Michelle Lougee

Michelle Lougee,
Christian Science Coral
2013 Plastic bags, wire, 16” x 42” x 3” each

To form Christian Science Coral, plastic bags were collected, cut and processed into plastic yarn and crocheted into aquatic forms. This work is from a series based on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an enormous collection of floating plastic debris in the ocean. Lougee’s sculpture focuses on the tensions between nature and technology.

To see some installation images, please click here.

Poetic Gestures and Material Surprises

Saturday Oct 5th 11am "Poetic Gestures and Material Surprises

Meet at the entrance to The Mary Baker Eddy Library, 200 Mass Ave and walk around the sculptures that are installed on the plaza and end at the bookstore, where the participants can purchase the catalog. The tour is free and open to the public.

Eric Sealine & Michelle Lougee will lead a guided tour of Convergence sculptures in a morning conversation about adapting their materials and practices to the scale of the plaza. Eric's first language is architecture and responding to the site came naturally. Michelle incorporates plastic bags, such as the wrappers on the New York Times, into woven biomorphic shapes. Come and explore the exhibition with these two Boston Sculptors.

Update: Joan Wolcott Elliot, employee of the Christian Science Reading Room, Boston, talks about the sculpture "Christian Science Coral" by Michelle Lougee, in this video. This sculpture is one piece of a collection of art in the exhibit, Convergence, in Boston, Massachusetts. This exhibit is cosponsored by the Boston Sculptors Gallery and The First Church of Christ, Scientist. You can see the exhibit from May 1-October 31, 2013, at 210 Massachusetts Avenue in Boston's Back Bay.

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