Thank you to everyone who made Convergence possible!

As the last and final post on this blog, we want to say our heartfelt thank you to all the people who made this show possible...

Thank you to Murray Dewart who had the idea and vision to lead the members of the Boston Sculptors Gallery on an epic voyage in celebration of our 20th anniversary and to Jean Mineo for her consultation with us on every aspect of this show. This exhibition has provided Boston with some amazing temporary public art that will not be forgotten!

Thank you to Lyle Young and the First Church of Christ Scientist Board of Directors for saying yes to this show, and to the phenomenal staff at the church: especially Toni Gaspard, Robert Herlinger, Alina Bayer, Sarah Nichols, Taryn McNichol, and many, many others for navigating through this project with us and for the countless hours they contributed to this project to make it great!

This show would not have been possible without the generous contributions of our donors and patrons who wish to remain anonymous. Thank you all so much for your support! Additional thanks goes out to Megan Low at the Arts and Business Council of Greater Boston and The Volunteer Lawyers for the arts for their fiscal sponsorship of Convergence.

Thank you to all of our VIP and grand opening speakers: Helena Fruscio, Tito Jackson, Linda Nathan, and Byron Rushing. With the support of the exhibiting artists and the following arts community leaders, we provided  23 free guided tours and public art talks of the show: Judith Tolnick Champa, Wyona Lynch-McWhite, Ron Mallis, Dan Sternof Beyer, Deborah Disston, Kelly Brilliant, Liz Keithline, Brian Goslow, Michael Volmar, Jean Maginnis, Wes La Fountain, Jean Mineo, Nick Capasso, Katelyn Littlejohn Kirnie and Terrry Catchpole. Thank you for the time and energy you put into the dialogue you contributed to the show!

Thank you to the New England Foundation for the Arts for sponsoring our panel discussion, and to our very thoughtful panelists- Megan Low, Kelly Brilliant, Toni Gaspard, Robert Herlinger, Dharmena Downey and exhibiting artists Nancy Winship Milliken and Donna Dodson.

Thank you to Jen Mergel for her very well written catalog essay! Your contribution really made a difference!

Thank you to the following reporters and bloggers for your press coverage of the show: Sebastian Smee, Cate McQuaid, Jared Bowen, Meghna Chakrabarti and Anthony Brooks, Dennis Kois, Suzanne Volmer, Liz Keithline, Coryn Doncaster, Eddie Small, Tom Vellner, Erin Halvey, John Carroll,  Margaret Weigel, Fred Langa and Penny Cherubino.

Thanks to Outside the Box Festival and Opening our Doors for including us in your programming, advertising and public events. Special Thanks to Rita Fucillo for promoting this event in Panorama Magazine! Thank also to Sculpture Magazine, the Cambridge Art Association, Art Scope and Art New England for supporting this show! 

Thanks to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, The Fruitlands Museum, The Museum of Fine Arts Bookstore, The Mary Baker Eddy Library Bookstore and The Boston Sculptors Gallery for selling our catalogs!

Thanks to all the people who made the trip to see the show!

The show is up for two more weeks, if you have not seen it yet, do not miss it! 

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